Covid 19 Policy

For any employees or personnel working/visiting on-site, we will be requiring them to submit the following:


1. All employees must present a Barangay Back-to-Work Certificate.

2. Fill out the Health Evaluation Checklist daily, through Ameeratel, before entering the office premises.
thermometer final
3. A digital thermometer will be available on site for any temperature checks above and beyond the Ameeratel Daily Health Evaluation Checklist.
4. Non-employees are not allowed on the 8th floor.
For safety precautions (all employees), must wear the following while in the office premises:
1. Face Mask (Noon Dalton to provide 2 washable face masks per staff, or daily disposable)
2. Face Shield (Noon Dalton to provide 1 face shield per staff)
3. Isopropyl alcohol will be provided for regular use by all staff.
valid id
4. Company ID or any valid ID
Whilst we are keen to support as many staff as possible working from home, in the current situation, some staff may be asked to be office-based at the discretion of their client. Noon Dalton also reserves the right to request staff to be office-based, depending on the technology, security needs and the ability of the staff to work from home reliably. Staff who are working from home, may be asked to return to the office if they are unable to complete their work/task, or have time out due to electricity or internet problems. Should anyone need to return to the office, you will be advised directly by HR, in good time, to allow you to complete any requirements and understand protocols in place.